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The maintenance of laser stamp engraving machine includes the following aspects: Time:2021-07-06 09:33 Viewed:

The maintenance of laser stamp engraving machine includes the following aspects:

1. Check before starting every day; Such as: communication line, motor line, optoelectronic coupler line is loose, the working voltage is not stable; Then open the equipment switch power supply, the actual operation of the equipment and move twice, gradually work.

2. Clean the inductor (travel switch) to avoid dust powder oil stains sticking to the inductor, affecting its sensitivity or causing touch screen.

3. Clean up the dirt and debris exposed on the outside slide track (ball screw), and clean it up with No. 2 automobile oil, and add unsalted butter or No. 2 lithium grease after cleaning.

4. After a day's work, take out the carving knife first, and let the spindle bearing cylinder clip and the anti-loosening nut be in the pressure release situation. That will help to increase the service life of spindle bearing collet. Then we gradually clean the work of the cabinet table, you can use a brush to clean; Pay attention to the work of ambry mesa at ordinary times ****** do not have to deposit dirt, in order to prevent the deformation of the service platform.

5. The laser seal engraving machine of the water-cooled main shaft bearing should ensure that the cooling circulating water is cleaned up and the centrifugal pump is in normal operation, and the water shortage of the water-cooled cooling servo motor must not occur. The cooling circulating water should be removed on time to avoid high temperature, and the cooling circulating water should be as much as possible to replace the storage tank with a large space.

6. Move the engine to the lower left or lower right to stop, to avoid collision, and then disconnect the switching power supply; Do not turn on the power and pull the plug.

7 laser engraving machine long time maintenance: laser engraving machine long time without need, should be plugged in 1-2 times a week, especially the air relative humidity is very large Meiyu weather should be so, let the laser engraving machine air for an hour up and down. The use of electrical components their own hot to drive away the moisture in the CNC machine tools, to ensure that the characteristics of electronic components are stable and reliable.

8. Maintenance of soft starter: the soft starter has been adjusted before the original factory. It is forbidden to adjust and change the road without authorization to avoid the damage of the motor or soft starter caused by incorrect data input.

9. Clean up the heat and air exhaust system of the power circuit box on time. Please regularly maintain whether all the fans on the electrical control cabinet are normal, clean the dust in the electrical control cabinet with a vacuum cleaner on time, check whether the screws of the wiring terminals are loose, so as to ensure the safety and reliable application of the power circuit.

10. Avoid open the door of the electrical control cabinet, prohibit open close work in manual sculpture is usually there will be a dust in the air, wood or metal slag powder, once they fall on the electrical control circuit board or electronic components contained in the, very easy to cause the electronic devices indirectly resistance is reduced, and even cause damage to electronic components and PCB.

11. Regularly maintain whether the screws of each component of the equipment are loose.

12. Maintenance of mechanical pump:

A system of water circulation pump mouth breathing internal metal wire mesh products is used to avoid the outside world fine particulate matter into the pump shell, this filter should be clean, anytime and anywhere to prevent obstruction caused by the pump efficiency of the pump is reduced, when the centrifugal water pump should be every few days when we don't need to plug in the running for A few minutes, to avoid the pump body length all rust can't run normally.

B Tongyou mechanical pump should also loosen the butterfly nut, remove the paper filter element and clear the filter screen with high pressure steam body on time. If the ventilation of the filter element is found to be unsatisfactory or damaged, it should be replaced immediately. According to the length of use, the high pressure oiling gun can be used to oil the rolling bearings everywhere.

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