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Operation process of photosensitive seal machine: Time:2021-08-12 19:17 Viewed:

Operation process of photosensitive seal machine:

1) First, type the seal in the seal software, and then use the laser printer to print the typeset seal on the sulphate paper.

2) Cut the exposure film, that is, the transparent film, the size is generally the same as the seal pad, or a little larger, but must meet the requirements of completely covering the seal pad.

3) The order and orientation of the printing sample, the exposure film and the photosensitive seal pad are as follows: the printing sample is at the bottom, close to the glass plate of the photosensitive machine, the printing face is upward, the middle layer is the exposure film, and the third layer is the seal pad. The three are in close contact with each other smoothly, and there is no interstitial fold in the middle. Cover the light shield of the photosensitive machine, and then close the seal box and press it tightly.

4) Connect the power supply and turn on the power switch, and the photosensitive machine starts charging.

5) There are many kinds of photosensitive seal pads, and different seal pads need different exposure energy. In order to accurately expose all photosensitive seal pads, the photosensitive machine uses a free random exposure mode that can be displayed according to the voltmeter. General digital photosensitive machine declaration voltage between 340V to 420V. For different types of photosensitive seal machines, the declaration voltage is also different, according to the specific operation instructions of the photosensitive machine.

6) Take out the exposure box, lift the light shield, take out the photosensitive pad after exposure, and remove the film.

7) Put the exposed seal pad into the corresponding seal shell, inject scalar oil according to the seal specification, the oil is evenly distributed, and the seal is finished.


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