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Fiber laser marking machine equipment advantages: Time:2021-08-26 17:38 Viewed:

Fiber laser marking machine equipment advantages:

Fast speed (fiber laser marking machine Sudoku is generally ≥5000mm/s)

High accuracy (fiber laser marking machine marking accuracy in 0.001mm, followed by the temperature is also very small, when the work is relatively stable)

Good effect (fiber laser marking machine due to the delicate light plate, marking out the graphics and text shading is very uniform and delicate)

Super long service life (the service life of fiber laser marking machine can basically reach 100,000 hours, it is 10 years, based on the use of different life will be different but the lowest is more than 5 years)

Low power consumption (the whole machine power is 500 watts, that is to say two hours per kilowatt)

No maintenance (fiber laser marking machine does not need any maintenance, but if the use of the environment is relatively poor, it is recommended to wipe the focusing lens once a month, can be connected to the inverter to use, convenient liquidity)

Affordable price (now the price of fiber laser marking machine has been in a relatively low period of time)

Small size and easy to move, suitable for small business.


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