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Installation of laser stamp engraving machine Time:2021-07-06 09:45 Viewed:

Installation of laser stamp engraving machine

The laser computer stamp engraving machine should be placed horizontally on the desktop without tilting.

The laser computer stamp engraving machine should prevent strong vibration, and should first fix the cart and trolley when moving to prevent vibration from causing optical path deviation or laser cracks.

The exhaust duct of the laser computer stamp engrater should be connected to the outdoor place without influence, and maintain good ventilation, and often wipe the ash in the fan and machine smoke pipe

Laser computer seal engrave machine has high voltage inside, non-professional technical personnel shall not open the casing for maintenance, in case of electric shock.

Laser computer stamp machine if it is the first time to use or move the position, pay attention to check whether the high voltage line off, in case of electric shock.

The exhaust fan and cooling water pump are AC220V/50HZ power supply

The ground wire of laser computer stamp engraving machine must be well grounded

Laser computer inscription machine machine work must be strictly prevent staff or other personnel to reach out or watch with the eyes, in case of laser injury or injury to the eyes, it is best to cover buckle dead.

Please avoid water inside the equipment or too wet working environment. The machine should be placed in a dry and ventilated place. The computer stamp engraving machine is strictly prohibited to remove all kinds of connectors on line.

Laser computer stamp engraving machine lens should use anhydrous ethanol or acetone in time to clean, and to wipe gently, wipe to adjust the light path.

Laser computer seal engraving machine use to ensure good cooling water circulation, and clean water, such as yellow water dirty, should be changed in time, so as not to cause laser tube cooling is not good and lead to crack.

Laser computer seal machine pay attention to prevent cooling water freezing, cold weather in the north should pay special attention to the winter is best to replace the car with antifreeze, high temperature, scale or dirt blocking mechanical impact and other reasons caused by laser damage.

The laser computer stamp engraving machine should pay attention to prevent the corrosion and damage of the internal parts of the case due to too much smoke, dust, moisture and other reasons. So after each workpiece to clean the machine health, keep the machine clean, to do wipe frequently

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