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What are the advantages of laser engraving machine Time:2021-08-26 17:39 Viewed:

At present, laser engraving machine is widely used in engraving equipment, because of its engraving effect has uniform color, clear pattern and other characteristics, often used in wood engraving, plywood engraving. As well as its advantages and characteristics, is widely used in the carving industry. The following small series for you to share the advantages of laser engraving machine. Laser engraving machine laser hit - mark can keep a long time, laser than the traditional/processing way has many advantages. It is also simple and clear, although it sometimes takes time and trial and error to find out what is right. Parameter Settings, laser engraving is still faster than traditional mechanical engraving than much. Because the engraving principle is completely different, laser can engraving and radical engraving way can not engraving a lot of data, including wood, rubber and so on. Laser engraving machine with its work is not limited by any graphics, will not produce any mechanical deformation, high accuracy, fast speed, no burr, good quality and other advantages, in addition, the same laser engraving machine, not only can engraving can also be used to cut through the plate is not very thick.


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